Signs that helps you know the time to change job

Do you know the feeling of waking up every day in the morning, sipping coffee in morning, thinking today will be the same day as Project Manage, you have been doing for long? Do you look forward to working in such environment? There are many aspects or ways to look at this problem. One way is to look our own self and see where changes are to be brought. They could be Internal Changes and or external changes. The change will bring in the Internal / External factors that you need to either switch your JOB to another company or […]

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Easy Ways to Measure Delays

If you are working on any project or had worked previously in your career then you must know that many problems arrive with the life cycle of the project, it is not always easy to complete the project in time and most of the time it gets a delay. The project work gets delay due to many reasons which we need to know to overcome the problems. For instance, poor estimation of duration of project’s activities during scoping or analysis, which cause time problem. Usually, these delays in project arrive when you start working on what you have planned to […]

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project sponsor engagement

Top 3 tips for engaging a project sponsor

By definition, project sponsor seems a role that mainly responsible for securing the project finance and then come in for the celebration when the project gets over. But an engaged sponsor with a high-level interest in the project from starting to closure can have a significant impact on success and failure. Project managers being a lead need to ensure the engagement of all stakeholders including project sponsor(s) as well but that requires an art of serious interpersonal skills to engage executive people throughout the project life cycle. Following are the best three tips from our side that can help you […]

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Communication with Senior Management at project management geeks

4 Best Communication Approaches to use with Top Executives

There are several things to manage and being worried in a project, Communication remains always a priority element where focus of project manager is highly required to achieve the project success. It can be done between different channels of project matrix such as communication with team or client, but most probably the frequent one is to COMMUNICATION WITH TOP EXECUTIVES. Before listing and describing the four best communications approaches to use with senior management, lets try to understand it’s criticality and importance in terms of project as well as your career. Why effective communication with top executives is critical? Project […]

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