Signs that helps you know the time to change job

Do you know the feeling of waking up every day in the morning, sipping coffee in morning, thinking today will be the same day as Project Manage, you have been doing for long? Do you look forward to working in such environment? There are many aspects or ways to look at this problem. One way is to look our own self and see where changes are to be brought. They could be Internal Changes and or external changes. The change will bring in the Internal / External factors that you need to either switch your JOB to another company or […]

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PMGeeks Team Conflicts

How to deal with team conflicts?

Everyone in this world has different types of viewpoint and identity. Due to these differences, many conflicts arise between people. Impact gets bigger when you see these differences of people in the same organization. The fate of team or organization depends upon how one is trying to handle this kind of situations that might lead efforts towards goodwill or failure of the organization. Since you are a project manager and there is a team under/with you to deliver something, It depends on you that how you handle team conflicts in your project teams. Either you ignore it straight away or […]

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5 Easy Ways to Engage Project Sponsor

If your project is sponsored by someone, it doesn’t mean that they are also engaged in this project. It is the responsibility of the project manager to make sure that the sponsor should be engaged in the project work. The sponsor is the support system of every single working on the project. So basically project sponsor is a step to success in a project. Project managers are in a position to move communication in all directions of Organization grid. They can communicate vertically as well as horizontally with any direction. On same assumptions, we here present 5 ways to keep […]

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project management geeks float

How to calculate float after critical path?

Few week ago, we shared a superb easy guide to calculate a critical path in six easy steps. If you have followed that guide and successfully able to find the critical path, we highly recommend you to calculate float by carrying same critical path method. Before directly jumping to maths for determining float, we would like to share some other important information which can be useful for you being a project manager of any career level. Is there any difference in word “Float” and “Slack”? Absolutely No! There is no difference between Float and Slack except spellings. They are the […]

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Communication with Senior Management at project management geeks

4 Best Communication Approaches to use with Top Executives

There are several things to manage and being worried in a project, Communication remains always a priority element where focus of project manager is highly required to achieve the project success. It can be done between different channels of project matrix such as communication with team or client, but most probably the frequent one is to COMMUNICATION WITH TOP EXECUTIVES. Before listing and describing the four best communications approaches to use with senior management, lets try to understand it’s criticality and importance in terms of project as well as your career. Why effective communication with top executives is critical? Project […]

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Critical Path Project Management Geeks

How to calculate critical path in six easy steps

The critical path in project management is the line of project network which sums up to the large overall time, in any case if that longest length has drift or not. This determines the briefest time possible to finish the project. The method of the critical path is step wise technique for project management to recognize the exercise or activities on the critical path. It is a way to deal with project schedule that breaks the project into several s of work, show that all in flow chart, and after that figures the duration of project in view of estimated lengths for […]

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project management geeks

Step by Step Guide to Write a Good Feasibility Report?

Developing a feasibility report before initiating the project would be a normal routine in most of the organizations. Against the norms, Project managers become responsible most of the time for this tiring but critical job. Before jumping to the step by step guide to making feasibility report, let’s have a quick look on why feasibility report is required and how it can be beneficial for the project? Why is Feasibility Report required? Simply, organizations want to ensure that whether the proposed project will be feasible or not? It might be simple in saying but equally difficult in development when you […]

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