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Your Data is Protected

We at ProjectManagementGeeks.com can hold your data through email subscription, comments and contact form. In all cases, we respect and maintain the full protection of your data. We do not have any intention to sell or re produce your data to anyone.


ProjectManagementGeeks.com have full right to modify / delete your comments available on any post. Obviously we will be specific about attempts of free advertising through sharing links of your website in comments.


Materials available at ProjectManagementGeeks.com either in text or images or in any medium is copyrighted and we appreciate a formal intimation or request from you before stealing or re producing it.


This is probably a single element which is beyond to our control. Still, for your information we use WordPress as basic platform to post material which might store your data as cookies to avoid duplication of entries. We also use Google Analytic and FeedBurner which might also hold your data as default.

We try our best to keep tracking of all data collection through plugins or third party applications and expect from our readers to intimate any discrepancies immediately if found anything.


Yes! It is must required things to read and understand. At ProjectManagementGeeks.com we try to solve issues of your projects through our best experiences and expert advises. Although chances are low, if your project does not get improved or becomes failure we will not be a responsible. Being a Project Manager you will be responsible for both success or failure. šŸ™‚

Terms written in this page can be changed anytime without any announcement.