Easy Ways to Measure Delays

If you are working on any project or had worked previously in your career then you must know that many problems arrive with the life cycle of the project, it is not always easy to complete the project in time and most of the time it gets a delay. The project work gets delay due to many reasons which we need to know to overcome the problems. For instance, poor estimation of duration of project’s activities during scoping or analysis, which cause time problem.

Usually, these delays in project arrive when you start working on what you have planned to according to your project schedules such as execution phase of the project. The first duty of project manager is to determine the basic and main cause of delays in the project. If the manager starts to find the solution of these delays without knowing the cause, that creates more problem. The other main task of the project manager is to try for a best possible solution for the delays in the project after knowing the causes so that project can return to its original track as your plan. It is best to find the problems as soon as possible in a long term project because in beginning it is easy to find the solution and you have a variety of solutions to go with rather than to find the solution in the end where your options reduce.

To measure the delays in the project schedules you should make a list of possible solutions and techniques, then look at the best solution with which you can move on. You should know that some of the solutions will not work in the current situation but maybe they can help you in future.

Keep an eye on plan

You can know it by observing the work progress which you have planned before the project starts. If the work is going according to your plan then it is going perfectly as per schedule but if you see that some resources are making trouble or delay in the project then you must go for the solution. Divide your work into units along with time and observe that are they getting completed in the estimated time or not.

Keep actual happening in your radar

Another way to calculate these delays is to calculate the amount and budget spent with time on the project. Some tasks are done physically which involve the cost and labor, calculate the time of labor on the project and the amount spent on the project is as per plan or not. If the time and budget are going out of track so do find the problems and solve them to bring them back on the track so you can overcome the delays.

There are some short-term projects in which you only observe the start and finish points, mostly the value of these projects is earned in the end like some sponsor offers you to work on some project and you will only earn once it gets finish so for these types of project you observe the situations in the start and at the end.

Apply cost estimations

The cost estimation is another way to measure the delay in long-term projects as the project manager compares the allotted budget with the labor hours working on the project. This helps the project manager to calculate that how the work should go on. In this technique, the budget and labor go head to head.

User expert opinion

To calculate the delay you can also consult with someone who have good experience in specific project, like the experience people will suggest you how to move with the project work but this option does not have much reliability as the opinion of the people vary from each other in most cases so this option is considered in last when you do not have other options.

The best way to calculate the delays in project schedule is to calculate the labor hours, various units, resources, and subtasks. These subtasks are measured to know the actual task. In this task, you weight the load of work according to sources and calculate that how much work is completed and by observing it you can get to know that how much percent of your work is remaining along with the time factor. This method is considered as the best technique as in long projects this method works most. This method does require more efforts but it will save you from time delay.

In some situations, you plan something for the project but as the work starts, you come to know that you have to do additional work which will take time so this results in the delay. Sometimes you plan one thing and do another thing so the plan gets modifications as the work starts so avoid the changes in work if have not planned them, this causes the delay in the project schedule and you gets in trouble.

Try to complete your work in given period this makes you realize the actual problems causing the delays. If you can do less work in time then go for it rather than wasting time to complete the work. Usually, the project manager gets bad remarks if their work takes long then the actual time. Plan your work accordingly so that you have some flexibility to adjust the time this will make you back to time track easily. Nobody in this world wants to waste time and in business, the time factor is most important so you should know the basic causes of the delays in the project schedules to overcome them.

These were some easy ways to determine the delays in the project which you should understand before starting the work on some project to complete it in given time. Let us know if you have any other tips to keep project sponsors engaged in following comments section or here.